45 Years of Service comes to an end

According to the Diocese of Macau Chancery Notice (CN/14/018/2021) of 14 July, the Centro Pastoral Católico of the Red Market will cease its operation by 26th November. At the end of almost half a century of mission, the Centro Pastoral Católico held a gathering last Sunday (November 28) to bring together again friends who have participated in various activities of the Center of different generations.

“Diocesan Youth Day” co-organized by Preparatory Diocesan Commission Comissão for the Year of the Youth and the Diocesan Youth Commission

The Diocesan Youth Commission and Comissão Diocesana Preparatória do Ano da Juventude held the “Macau Diocesan Youth Day” in Colégio Diocesano de São José 2 on 27th November. The topic was “Stand up. I appoint you as a witness of what you have seen!” Bishop Lee Bun-Sang, other priests and 70 young people joined the activity.  

People outside the Mt Carmel Church in Taipa

Our Lady of Carmel – how to build faith that moves mountains?

Pastoral action, Father Eduardo Aguero claims, is synonymous with relationship and the relationship that the Argentine priest managed to build over the last few months with the Portuguese-speaking Catholic community of Taipa has transformed the Church of Our Lady of Carmel into an example of spiritual flourishing in Macau. The Dehonian missionary helped to establish a new Bible study group and to relaunch the Holy Childhood project. On Sunday, the Advent season begins with the institution of the twelve readers that will serve the Carmel parish during the new Liturgical Year.

Laying on of the hands

BITE-SIZE THEOLOGY (154) What are the essential elements needed to confer the Sacrament of Holy Orders?

“The essential rite of the sacrament of Holy Orders for all three degrees consists in [1] the bishop’s imposition of hands on the head of the ordinand [the matter of the sacrament] and in [2] the bishop’s specific consecratory prayer asking God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and his gifts proper to the ministry to which the candidate is being ordained [form] [Cf. Pius XII, apostolic constitution, Sacramentum Ordinis].”

CCCN to celebrate one-year anniversary with Winter concert

The Macau Cardinal Newman Centre of Cultural and Performance Arts will celebrate its first anniversary on December 4th, with a Winter-themed recital, the last concert of the Four Season series. The show will take place outside the premises of the cultural centre, on Calçada da Vitória. Young musicians will perform jazz, Chinese traditional music and hits from as far away as Portugal.