45 Years of Service comes to an end

According to the Diocese of Macau Chancery Notice (CN/14/018/2021) of 14 July, the Centro Pastoral Católico of the Red Market will cease its operation by 26th November. At the end of almost half a century of mission, the Centro Pastoral Católico held a gathering last Sunday (November 28) to bring together again friends who have participated in various activities of the Center of different generations.

“Diocesan Youth Day” co-organized by Preparatory Diocesan Commission Comissão for the Year of the Youth and the Diocesan Youth Commission

The Diocesan Youth Commission and Comissão Diocesana Preparatória do Ano da Juventude held the “Macau Diocesan Youth Day” in Colégio Diocesano de São José 2 on 27th November. The topic was “Stand up. I appoint you as a witness of what you have seen!” Bishop Lee Bun-Sang, other priests and 70 young people joined the activity.