Coro Perosi about to celebrate 25th Anniversary

Coro Perosi held a concert on 7th November at the St Dominic’s Church. In view of the epidemic, all the members underwent the nucleic acid test before the performance and the audience was seated according to the epidemic prevention guidelines. With strict compliance to the relevant regulations, the chorus shared an enchanting choral feast with the audience.

Under the leadership of the conductor Ms Katrine Wong, the whole group first sang a series of Portuguese a cappella works from the Renaissance period in full choir and small groups. After that, Ms Basilla Sam joined the choir with organ accompaniment and performed the world premiere of Father Guilherme Schmid’s work  Missa Solemnis with the choir.

Ms Katrine Wong said that Mr Joao Ng’s care and persistence when rearranging this Mass hymn has given the opportunity for the group to perform such a brilliant work of Father Guilherme Schmid. Wong also said that she was glad to see senior members and new members singing together and enjoying the beauty of music together.

Next year will be the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the chorus, which strives to promote choral arts and Macao music culture and develop its unique identity.

The guests and the music fans gave positive comments on the performance, and the concert ended in an enthusiastic note.

The guests included lawyer Mr Joaquim Jorge Neto Valente, the Rector of the University of Saint Joseph The Reverend Professor Stephen Morgan, Mr. Henrique Madeira Carvalho, Professor Dai Ding Cheng and Mr. Lee Ip Fei.

The Facebook page of Coro Perosi aired the concert live.

The activity was sponsored by Instituto Cultural and greatly supported by Macau Guangzhou Tianhe District Economic and Cultural Promotion Association.

Coro Perosi is now recruiting new members, and welcome all who love choral singing. For details please visit the website of the Coro Perosi at