Is the Philippines edging closer to legalizing divorce despite Church objections?

The Philippines, one of the last countries where divorce is illegal, is seeing renewed efforts to legalize it. Despite strong opposition from the Catholic Church, which argues that divorce undermines marriage, the House of Representatives recently passed a bill allowing divorce in limited cases. Proponents argue it’s needed for those in abusive marriages, while opponents, including Church leaders, believe it weakens marital commitment and fails to address the root causes of domestic violence.

CHURCH FATHERS (31) Hilary of Poitiers: ‘Athanasius of the West’ and ‘Hammer of the Arians’

Saint Hilary of Poitiers (310-315 AD) converted from paganism to Christianity, becoming a staunch defender of the Trinity. As Bishop of Poitiers, he opposed Arianism, was exiled for defending Athanasius, and wrote “De Trinitate.” Known as the “Athanasius of the West,” he emphasized gentleness and reverence in his teachings. Hilary died in 367, leaving a legacy of theological works and hymns.


In the fourth and concluding part of the series on Spirituality and Christian Spirituality by Fr Fausto Gomez OP, he explores the diversity of contemporary spirituality, highlighting influential Christian and non-Christian authors like John Henry Newman, C.S. Lewis, and Viktor Frankl. He emphasizes integrating spirituality into daily life and living a holy life guided by faith and good practice.

The d’Angers tapestry

On May 18, 2024, newly-discovered fragments of the d’Angers tapestry, depicting the Apocalypse of St. John, were unveiled. Originally commissioned in 1375, this masterpiece suffered severe damage during anti-Catholic persecutions but has now been partially restored. Found in Paris, these vibrant, well-preserved fragments highlight the tapestry’s exceptional craftsmanship and historical significance.

Violence against Christians in Pakistan

Ten months after the devastating attacks on Jaranwala’s Christian community, hostility lingers, affecting children’s education. The Cecil & Iris Chaudhry Foundation steps in with vital aid, from housing to psychological support. Meanwhile, fresh blasphemy accusations in Sargodha spark more violence, critically injuring Nazir Masih. As authorities and religious leaders demand thorough investigations and better protection, the call for justice and interfaith dialogue grows louder.

“Bread and wine, fruit of the earth and work of human hands”

In this Sunday gospel reflection, we learn the significance of the Eucharist, how bread and wine symbolize the fruits of human labor and God’s blessings. Work is a divine vocation, not a curse, allowing humans to participate in God’s creation. The Eucharist endows work with redemptive meaning, linking it to Jesus’ sacrifice. In the face of technological advancements, especially AI, this reflection calls for preserving the sacred value of labor and maintaining human dignity.

CHURCH FATHERS (30) – Cyril of Alexandria: defender of the Theotokos

Saint Cyril of Alexandria played a pivotal role in affirming the doctrine that Mary is Theotokos (Mother of God). He opposed Nestorius, who argued that Mary was only Christotokos (Mother of Christ) and denied the unity of Jesus’ divine and human natures. Cyril’s efforts culminated in the Council of Ephesus in 431, which confirmed his teachings and condemned Nestorius’ views.