Violence against Christians in Pakistan

Ten months after the devastating attacks on Jaranwala’s Christian community, hostility lingers, affecting children’s education. The Cecil & Iris Chaudhry Foundation steps in with vital aid, from housing to psychological support. Meanwhile, fresh blasphemy accusations in Sargodha spark more violence, critically injuring Nazir Masih. As authorities and religious leaders demand thorough investigations and better protection, the call for justice and interfaith dialogue grows louder.

Enriched and Strengthened with the Holy Spirit

On Pentecost weekend, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady in Macau celebrated Confirmation for its Chinese, Portuguese, and English communities, led by Bishop Stephen Lee. This sacrament strengthens Catholics with the Holy Spirit to build up the Church and witness Christ. The celebrations underscored the importance of Confirmation in Christian initiation and its connection to the Eucharist.

Standing “un-haloed” at the foot of the Cross with our eyes fixed on Jesus

During Holy Week, we too, far from being holy, want to stand at the foot of the Cross with the un-haloed centurion and fix our eyes on Jesus. We too, like him, desire to discover God’s presence and mercy in the darkest corners of our hearts and of our world. And by doing so, step-by-step, as Mark taught us and as the catechumens have done in their journey toward baptism, we will enter Christ’s Resurrection.