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Every sacristy has its own liturgy?

January 19, 2022

In the liturgy, on the other hand, the symbols, rites and precepts are precisely established by the Church as they become the intermediary of great mysteries and effectively transmit the grace that saves us. Just as the liturgical proclamation of the Word of God is closely linked to Sacred Scripture and does not admit any deviation from what the inspired Word is, so in sacred rites and prayers there must be fidelity to the symbols and texts established by the Church. Without this observance, the liturgy undergoes falsifications, reductions, omissions or additions that do not conform to faith and prayer which are proper to the Church.

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Christian Spirituality and Scriptures

January 19, 2022

The development of Christian spirituality is grounded on the sources of Revelation, that is, Sacred Scriptures and Christian Tradition. Christian spirituality has developed exuberantly through the centuries from the teachings of the Sacred Scriptures, through the Fathers of the Church, theologians, mystics, and saints, and the evolving magisterium of the Church. 

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A Word to be heard, a Love to be seen

January 19, 2022

“We have books in our hands, but the facts before our eyes,” said Saint Augustine in speaking of fulfillment of the prophecies in the Scriptures by Jesus. Jesus’ facts were his miracles, his gestures of compassion, his forgiveness of sinners, and the sacrifice of his life for us. The eyes of our sons and daughters, of our pupils, or of our coworkers are fixed on us too: they expect not perfection but love; not convincing eloquence, but truth. They want to “see” that God’s mercy can truly permeate, (or better, “anoint”) all our life, all our actions, all our dreams, even our failures: nothing excluded.

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God and vaccines

January 17, 2022

God wants all people to live healthy lives. That means we have to take the time to learn about vaccinations and how they can promote our health. They are safe and effective gifts from God Himself.

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Bishop Lee to meet lectors at Word of God celebration

January 14, 2022

“To ignore the Word of God is to ignore Christ,” Father Eduardo Aguero declared, using the words of St Jerome. The Argentinian priest, who tends to the Portuguese-speaking flock that attends Sunday Mass at the parish of Our Lady of Carmel, created a Bible study group and provides the lectors in Taipa with workshops on the Holy Scriptures every month. This year, the Sunday of the Word of God will be celebrated on the 23rd of January. D. Stephen Lee Bun-sang will meet with local lectors at the Bishop’s Palace. 

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Saintly “Doctor of the poor”

January 13, 2022

“Legend has it that Hernández offered up his life to God in exchange for the end of World War I. He was hit by a car and died on June 29, 1919, the day after the Treaty of Versailles was signed,” ending the war.