“Diocesan Youth Day” co-organized by Preparatory Diocesan Commission Comissão for the Year of the Youth and the Diocesan Youth Commission

The Diocesan Youth Commission and Comissão Diocesana Preparatória do Ano da Juventude held the “Macau Diocesan Youth Day” in Colégio Diocesano de São José 2 on 27th November. The topic was “Stand up. I appoint you as a witness of what you have seen!” Bishop Lee Bun-Sang, other priests and 70 young people joined the activity.  

The activity first started with ice-breaking games after which the Supervisor of the Diocesan Youth Commission, Bosco Wong, spoke about the meaning of “Our Cross”.

A group discussion followed.

After the group discussion was an informal conversation with Bishop Lee where participants shared their experience of bearing witness.

Lao Kei Chon shared his journey to the faith. After baptism, he led the altar service for eight years and joined the Salesian Youth Ministry.

Bishop Lee said, we always think that “witnessing” is hard, because we tend to focus on the results, but “witness” does not need to pay too much attention to the result. He explained that it is important for us to love God and people around, share our faith in words and deeds, let them feel our love, and let God do the rest. Bishop encouraged the young people to start doing this in their family, to care about the elderly at home with utmost love, in the smallest actions to bear witness, for example, greeting them, washing their faces, pushing their wheelchairs, or feeding them.

The bishop said he hopes the youth will go ahead and organize the activities by themselves, He as the Bishop and the parish is to accompany the young people, but his hope is that the young people will accompany other young people. He also said that during these three years of the Diocesan Youth Commission, he is happy to see the growth, the hard work and persistence of the committee members of the youth, and he is very touched each time.

After the conversation with Bishop, the Diocesan Seminarian Bosco Chan led the group to pray, meditate on the word of God and sang hymns.

After the prayers, Bishop Lee presented the Certificate of Appreciation to the Diocesan Youth Commission members to thank for their hard work and dedication for the past three years.

In the event, it was also announced that a three-story youth center will be built next year, with several activity rooms, dance studios and “Band Rooms” which can be used as a gathering place for the young people.