O Clarim director Fr. Eduardo Emilio Agüero, SCJ, recently organized a mission trip to Cabo Verde, Africa, allowing young Catholics from Macau to engage in service projects, deepen their faith, and live out the Great Commission. This experience aims to inspire virtues like humility and compassion, strengthen their faith, and guide them in their spiritual journey and vocation discernment.

The tragic yet hopeful story at Auschwitz

Rudolf Höss, former head of Auschwitz, experienced a profound change before his execution. Originally a German Catholic who became an atheist and Nazi, he committed numerous atrocities. The humane treatment by Polish jailers during his imprisonment led to his conversion to Catholicism. Days before his hanging, Höss expressed remorse, renounced Nazi ideology, and emphasized the power of kindness and independent thought.

Catholic Copts in Kuwait

The Coptic Catholic community in Kuwait, part of the Apostolic Vicariate of North Arabia, has over 5,000 members and is being led by Father Yassa Ghobrial since August 2022. Despite hardships, these immigrant workers maintain a strong spiritual life, celebrating traditional Coptic rites. Father Domingos Santamaria, a dedicated Goan priest in Kuwait since 1973, is renowned for his extensive pastoral work, having celebrated thousands of sacraments. The community’s faith and traditions persist robustly in a predominantly Muslim country.

“Little great missionaries, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus”

The European Missionary Childhood Conference (CEME) gathered delegates from 25 European countries in Bucharest to discuss missionary cooperation, inspired by the work of the Pontifical Society for Missionary Childhood. Participants shared experiences, learned about the Society’s activities in Romania, and explored ways to promote missionary activity among children.