The Annual Procession of ‘Our Lord Bom Jesus dos Passos’ in Macau

Macau, the enchanting blend of Chinese and Portuguese cultures, holds a rich history of religious traditions. Among the various devotions cherished by the Catholics of Macau, the veneration of Senhor Bom Jesus dos Passos (Our Lord Bom Jesus dos Passos) stands out as a remarkable testament to the enduring faith and cultural heritage of this vibrant city.

Macau Catholics celebrate the Year of the Dragon

In Macau, non-Chinese Catholics partake in cultural practices of their Chinese brothers and sisters in faith as the Lunar New Year ushers in a jubilant celebration, blending ancient traditions with the spirit of unity and hope. Catholic communities are also engaging in outreach and charity initiatives to support causes that align with the spirit of the Lunar New Year.

Macau Catholic Diocese Receives Delegation from Archdiocese of Singapore

Earlier this month, the Catholic Diocese of Macau played host to a delegation from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore which visited Macau’s Historical Archives. Later, the delegation held a discussion with Bishop D. Stephen Lee that covered Church affairs and an exchange of ideas. The visit also encompassed explorations of significant sites in Macau, emphasizing the cultural and historical ties between the two regions.

“Hope sustains us on our journey of faith”

A visiting professor at the University of Saint Joseph since 2019, Father David Goodill arrived in Macau for the very first time and delivered a public lecture at Saint Dominic’s Church on the concept of hope in the Summa Theologiae of Saint Thomas Aquinas. With a doctorate in moral theology from the Swiss University of Freiburg, the Dominican friar argues that hope is the virtue that makes us persevere on our journey of faith. The Reverend David Goodill in his own words…

USJ to commemorate centenary of the First Plenary Council for China

The Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) and the Xavier Centre for Memory and Identity will commemorate, next summer, the 100th anniversary of the First Council for China with the organization of a four-day long international conference. The event will debate the relevance and significance of the Shanghai Plenary Council.