Caritas Macau Charity Run

Caritas Charity Run 2021 – Online Run

The Caritas Charity Run 2021 to commemorate Caritas Macau’s 70th anniversary was originally scheduled on 17th October this year, but due to the pandemic, it has been postponed to 14th November with a novel format.

The Caritas Macau Charity Run has been held for 4 consecutive years since 2016, thanks to the support and recognition of the general public. Due to the impact of the new Coronavirus outbreak, the Charity Run was suspended in 2020.

Considering the changes brought about by the virus outbreak and the Macau Government’s epidemic prevention policy to protect public health and safety, Caritas has decided to change the Charity Run into online running. Participants could complete the specified running distance according to the date specified for their group and present the data to collect the souvenir of the event.

This year the “Most Popular Online Team Award” will be presented to encourage organizations to participate in the event.

The Caritas Charity Run is divided into different groups, such as open group, parent-child group, disability group, the youth group, 70th Anniversary 70 km run group and individual group. Except for the 70th Anniversary run group whose starting fee is MOP 100, the starting fee for each group is MOP 160, the parent-child group is MOP 160 for adults and MOP 100 for children.

Caritas Macau has experienced more than 70 years, in respond to the rapid change of the environment, Macau is facing new challenges such as ageing society and ageing society is the challenge and the need for elderly service is greatly increase. The demand for the nursing care service cannot not be met, organizing the Charity Run hopes to raise funds for building the home of the elderly.