CCCN to celebrate one-year anniversary with Winter concert

The Macau Cardinal Newman Centre of Cultural and Performance Arts will celebrate its first anniversary on December 4th, with a Winter-themed recital, the last concert of the Four Season series. The show will take place outside the premises of the cultural centre, on Calçada da Vitória. Young musicians will perform jazz, Chinese traditional music and hits from as far away as Portugal.

Marco Carvalho

The Macau Cardinal Newman Centre of Cultural and Performance Arts invited once again students from local schools and music academies to show their talent at a wide-ranging concert, which will feature Chinese traditional songs, jazz tunes and even well-known Portuguese melodies.

“The Centre celebrates its first anniversary and we are going to commemorate the achievements and the work that we have developed over the last year under the guidance of our director, Mrs. Agnes Wong,” Orlando Vas told o O CLARIM. “The concert’s program consists of different types of music, both Western and Eastern. We will have bands performing original songs, we will have Portuguese music – namely by Rui Veloso and Xutos & Pontapés – and traditional Chinese music, played by some of the Chinese Youth Orchestra students, who chose to play some well-known melodies from the traditional Chinese songbook,” the event coordinator reported.

A jazz band hailing from a local secondary school will also join the recital, as well as a few professional musicians who have expressed their availability to join the event. The Christmas season will not be forgotten either, in a highly diverse and eclectic concert: “We will have young musicians from local schools and academies performing with us, but a few professional musicians will also join us for the concert. One of them will play a few Portuguese songs and the other will perform with the Chinese Youth Orchestra. The Macau Cardinal Newman Centre of Cultural and Performance Arts wants to reinforce its ties with the local community,” Orlando Vas claims. “Since the concert is called ‘1st Anniversary and Four Seasons – Winter Concert,’ part of the recital will address the Christmas theme, but the program includes, to a large extent, a mixture of music from different genres and from different cultural background,” Mr. Vas explained.

The concert cycle coordinated by Orlando Vas was one of the most successful initiatives promoted by the Cardinal Newman Centre of Cultural and Performing Arts during the last few months. Macau residents, Mr. Vas claim, graced with their enthusiasm the recitals and activities promoted by the organization: “The local community gave a very enthusiastic answer to the activities, training courses, exhibitions and concerts promoted over the last year. With regard to the concerts, in particular, people liked both the diversity and the places where the concerts were organised. They praised the cosy atmosphere and the bands and artists who were invited to perform. The Spring concert took place inside the Cultural Centre building. The summer concert at the Exhibition Centre and the Winter concert will take place outside,” the event coordinator added.