Caritas: A safe haven for migrant workers once again

Since the government mandated the partial confinement of Macau’s population almost one month ago, Caritas has received around five hundred requests for immediate food assistance. Although non-resident workers facing hunger and food insecurity were responsible for most of the requests, the organization also lent a helping hand to local residents who lost their jobs during the Covid-19 downturn.

More than the money: Elderly now convinced about Covid-19 jabs, says Caritas

Caritas Macau was one of eight associations and organizations recruited by the government to help with the vaccination drive aimed at senior citizens. To boost vaccination rates, the Macau Foundation grants a 250 pataca voucher to residents over 65 who have already received two shots of the Covid-19 jab. The Secretary General of Caritas claims that money is not, however, the reason why an increasing number of elderly are choosing to get vaccinated.

A different Caritas Charity Bazaar under the pandemic

In view that Macau is impacted of Covid-19 during this period, in line with the Macau government’s prevention measures, the 52nd Caritas Macau Charity Bazaar originally scheduled to be held at Nam Van Lake on 6 -7 November 2021 shall ‘break up the whole into parts,’ whereby participating schools, associations and companies can choose to hold ‘mini-bazaar’ at their own premises on another date at their own discretion to support Caritas Macau. All donations from the ‘mini-bazaar’ shall be transferred to Caritas Macau to support the disadvantaged and welfare of people in need.