At social event, Church highlights role of senior citizens in evangelism

The pastoral care team in charge of the Portuguese-speaking community at the Cathedral parish invited elderly parishioners to a social event – the first of its kind aimed at the Lusophone flock – which sought to answer some of the concerns that were raised by local Catholics during the diocesan phase of the Synod of Bishops.

On its silver jubilee, Perosi Choir to regale audiences with works of Mozart, Allegri, and Mendelssohn

The Perosi Choir has been promoting the art of choral singing in Macau over the last quarter century and will celebrate its silver jubilee with not one, but two concerts. The first recital will take place on Sunday (November 27) at Saint Dominic’s Church, and the second on December 3 at Yuet Wah College. Both concerts will have free admission.

Through the looking glass: Wong Ka Long’s Catholic art, a culture of encounter between east and west

The artwork of Macau’s most celebrated sculptor Wong Ka Long is the focus of the latest exhibition promoted by the Catholic Culture Association. Entitled “Culture of Encounter”, the exhibit showcases some of Wong’s most familiar Catholic-inspired sculptures and can be seen at the association’s office venue at Rua Formosa until December 4.

Govt grants Catholic nursery nod to increase intake of new students

Saint Joseph International Nursery, a leading multicultural kindergarten created by the Catholic Diocese of Macau three years ago, has been granted permission to enroll a larger number of students starting from January. The Social Affairs Bureau has given the nursery the green light to open a new classroom and recruit over two dozen more students.

Youngsters learn devotion to Sacred Heart of Jesus through drawing contest

The winners of a drawing competition that was promoted by the pastoral care of the Portuguese-speaking community at the cathedral parish were announced on Sunday. The Sacred Heart of Jesus inspired contest attracted the participation of over two dozen children who attend catechesis at the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady.

Post Synod: Cathedral parish bolsters communication, logs onto social media

The parishioners requested and the parish was happy to comply. The pastoral care team of the Portuguese-speaking community of the cathedral parish recently unveiled a pack of new digital resources and announced the creation of a new monthly bulletin. The purpose is to answer the concerns of the Portuguese-speaking community that were brought to light during the diocesan phase of the Synod of Bishops.

Cardinal Newman Center – Breaking the taboo of talking about death

The Macau Cardinal Newman Culture and Performing Arts Center will address and discuss death and the topic of mortality all through the month of November, a time when Catholics especially pray for souls in purgatory. Based at Calçada da Vitória, the Newman Center wants to encourage discussion about death so that our departure from this life is no longer seen as a taboo subject.