Dogma and Liturgy

In the seminary, we were taught that the liturgy must be easily understood by the people, but often in its texts, there are technical terms, proper to systematic theology. In the new editions of the liturgical books, there is a continuous effort to propose translations that are more and more suited to common speech. How to respond to this need without indulging in an annoying and continuous change of language?

The Song of the Mourning Soul

When we come to the month of November it is but natural that we are mindful of our deceased faithful, as we celebrate the liturgical feast of the All Souls on November 2. It is obvious that we fix our minds on that great mystery that awaits us and that frightens us. We cannot pretend indifference to the most significant passage of our existence, the one on which some of us have bet in a Pascalian way for future life.

Intercessors and models of Christian life

The expression “communion of saints” indicates the participation of all the members of the Church in the faith, sacraments, charisms and other spiritual gifts. About this mystic communion St Josemaría Escrivá said “live a special Communion of Saints: and, in the moments of interior struggle just as in the hours of professional work, each of you will feel the joy and the strength of not being alone.”