Revisiting the Original Experience: Faithfulness to Christ and His Mission

Reliving our first euphoric encounter with Christ is the means to draw back from the despondency and despair with which the Evil One and the world attempt to derail our mission as Christians. Through the life of the Apostles, especially St Peter, we see that continually keeping in mind that initial experience of Jesus is what keeps us firm and determined along our path.

BITE-SIZE THEOLOGY (174): Can you explain more about what “Divine Positive Law” is?

“…while being holy, spiritual, and good, the Old Law was still imperfect because in itself it did not give the strength and the grace of the Spirit for its observance.” Man had to wait for the Messiah who would hand down a law that included “the strength and the grace of the Spirit” as part of the “package.”

Throw Off The Shackles of Shame And Step Into New Life

Shame can deal a debilitating blow that can invalidate our very existence. Yes, Jesus defeated death, but Peter’s shame remained due to his betrayal of Our Lord. He felt unworthy to be one of Jesus’ disciples, let alone their leader. Peter is a perfect example. Jesus, therefore, not only offered His forgiveness to Peter, but also restored his identity, not only as “fisher of men,” but also as shepherd of the Church: “Tend my sheep, feed them!”

Reconnect: Catholics undertaking 500-year-old Ignatian exercises, spiritual retreats on the rise in Macau

Long-term spiritual retreats are increasingly sought after by local Catholics, leading the Macau Diocesan Retreat House to welcome three to five retreatants every month, in order to support those who intend to deepen their faith through silence and solitude.

Divine Mercy: Mankind’s Last Hope of Salvation

We celebrated the Feast of Divine Mercy three days ago. The second Sunday of Easter has been celebrated by the Church since April 2000 as Divine Mercy Sunday. In these times, more than ever, Our Lord’s call echoes throughout the world through St Faustina: “Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My mercy” (Diary, 300).