Chancery Notice – Advisory Group on Educational Affairs of Macau

O Clarim News Desk (English)


D. Stephen Lee Bun Sang, Bishop of Macau, announces the creation and appointment of the members of the first three-year term of the Advisory Group on Educational Affairs of Macau under the Diocesan Catholic Education Commission, effective from 1st May 2022 until 30th April 2025:

President: Bishop Stephen Lee Bun Sang

Sub-President: Mr. Chan Teng Fong

Members: Sr. Lou Kuai Fong, Sr. Maria Chu Sheung, Mr. Wong Kin Man, Ms. Rita Lau dos Reis,

Ms. Cheung Wai Ling, Mr. Leung Su Weng, Ms. Kan Soi Chun, Ms. Lao Lai Mui,

Mr. Cheung Shek Chiu, Ms. Cheong Chun Cheng.

Legal Advisors: Advocate Paulino Comandante, Advocate Calvin Tinlop Chui

Secretary: Mr. Lo King Hang

Given at the Chancery Office, Macau, 25th April 2022.

Rev. Cyril Jerome Law, Jr.