To strengthen our faith in Jesus’ Resurrection, we have most credible witnesses: the apostles. How the Resurrection experience impacted them! The book titled ‘The Lord’ by philosopher and theologian Fr. Romano Guardini discusses two key differences between Jesus before and after the Resurrection: Jesus no longer comes and goes, but ‘appears’ and ‘vanishes’ without barriers of time and space, and the evangelists emphasize that Jesus after the Resurrection is the same Jesus of Nazareth with visible wounds, not a mere spirit.

At Easter vigil, 197 catechumens enter full communion with Catholic Church

Almost two hundred catechumens received the Sacraments of Christian initiation during the Easter Vigil ceremonies that took place all over Macau, Father João Lau told O Clarim. In his parish – the Saint Lazarus Parish – two dozen adults entered full communion with the Catholic Church, after they received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

Did Christ rise or was He raised?: Jesus’ experience of the Resurrection as a gift of love

In this reflection, Fr Paolo Consonni considers the Resurrection as a birth into new life passing through the pangs of death. While affirming that Jesus rose from the dead by virtue of His divine power, he highlights the human experience of Jesus on the Cross and how His cry for the Father’s love and mercy was answered through the Resurrection.

Revisiting the Original Experience: Faithfulness to Christ and His Mission

Reliving our first euphoric encounter with Christ is the means to draw back from the despondency and despair with which the Evil One and the world attempt to derail our mission as Christians. Through the life of the Apostles, especially St Peter, we see that continually keeping in mind that initial experience of Jesus is what keeps us firm and determined along our path.