Newman Center hosts exhibit on Song Dynasty: A Cultural Journey through Art, Tea and History

Over three dozen artefacts dating from or relating to the Song Dynasty will be on display at the Macau Cardinal Newman Center of Culture and Performing Arts until late May. The result of a joint effort conducted in cooperation with the Macau Collector Association, the exhibition brings together paintings, historical documents and porcelain objects.

Cardinal Newman Center to celebrate ‘Year of the Water Rabbit’ with workshops and more

On January 22, the Chinese calendar will enter a new cycle and the Macau Cardinal Newman Center of Cultural and Performance Arts intends to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit with a series of activities and workshops, aimed at children and adults alike. Choi Chun Heng, one of Macau’s most renowned calligraphers, will join the celebrations for the third year in a row.

Cardinal Newman Center – Breaking the taboo of talking about death

The Macau Cardinal Newman Culture and Performing Arts Center will address and discuss death and the topic of mortality all through the month of November, a time when Catholics especially pray for souls in purgatory. Based at Calçada da Vitória, the Newman Center wants to encourage discussion about death so that our departure from this life is no longer seen as a taboo subject.

What do eggs have to do with Easter?

The Cardinal Newman Center of Cultural and Performance Arts promoted for the first time ever a workshop on how to make Easter eggs. But there’s more to the initiative than the creation and the decoration of the eggs. The Center aimed to explore the religious symbolism of the egg and to understand how it came to be associated with the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.