1,000-year-old Tang dynasty treasures on view at Cardinal Newman Cultural Center

Marco Carvalho

The Cardinal Newman Center of Cultural and Performance Arts will host, until May 8th, an exhibition of artefacts that focuses on the 290-year-reign of the Tang Dynasty. Entitled “Treasures of the Tang Dynasty: A Glimpse at Art and Culture”, the exhibition brings together over three dozen artefacts, including porcelain pieces and fine examples of classical sculptures.

“The exhibition brings together more than 30 pieces representative of the heyday of the Tang Dynasty and opens the door to a better understanding of China’s economic, cultural and artistic prosperity during that era, as well as the impact it had on countless generations of Chinese artists and in the cultural development of Southeast Asian nations. With this exhibition, the Cardinal Newman Cultural Center wants to promote, among students and the general public, a greater appreciation for the culture and the art that was bequeathed to us by the Tang Dynasty,” the Catholic cultural center told “O Clarim”.

(Image for representational purpose only. Photo: moersuo at Pixabay)