2022 Christmas Message of H.E. Most Reverend Stephen Lee – Practice the Truth of “Loving Your Neighbor”

“Finally, let us meditate upon the Gospel, on the manger, on the love of Jesus, and of Mary, Joseph, the angels and the shepherds beside him, that is the joy of Christmas. In this Christmas and New Year, through the love and hope that the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ brings, we hope that the Diocese of Macau, together with Macau society, as well as our neighbors and the rest of the world, will recover economic prosperity, stability and happiness in people’s lives.”

Flashback: Memories from May

From honouring St Joseph the Worker on his feast day at the church named for him and celebrating the sacramental progression of young Catholics; the recognition that sainthood can be achieved through any myriad of vocations on the World Day of Prayer for Vocations; remembering the admonishing yet hope-filled message of Fatima on Our Lady’s feast; to the Confirmation students of St Francis Xavier parish receiving appropriate guidance to grow in faith, the month of May was an eventful one, yielding spiritual blooms and representing a Catholic time of spring. O Clarim recalls…

The educational landscape in Macau is changing for the better: Ana Correia

The Bishop Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education was created three years ago with the purpose of fostering research focused on education and educational development in Macau, but the Covid-19 pandemic led to the cancellation or suspension of several of the projects in which the organization was involved. Restructured one year after it was founded, the Centre elected inclusive education as one of its main focus of research. O Clarim spoke with Ana Correia, an expert in special and inclusive education and current director of the Bishop Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education.

Pro-Life Program to Highlight the Value of Human Life

The Macau Cardinal Newman Center of Culture and Performing Arts’ prolife fortnight includes various programs to cultivate a culture of protecting the sanctity of life, among which are an art exhibition and three round-table discussions. The initiative – the second of its kind – is part of the Pro-life Programme, which will run until May 23rd.