Cathedral parish prepares children for Christmas through conviviality and worship

The Portuguese-language catechesis group at the Cathedral Parish recently organized a Christmas meeting at Cheoc Van that brought together about 80 catechists, children and their parents. The initiative, in which the 11th anniversary of the priestly ordination of Father Daniel Ribeiro was also celebrated, should set the pattern for future events of the kind, now that Macau has come to terms with Covid-19.

Advent Hope in Patuá: Coro Dóci Papiaçám Sings Again for the Glory of God

Bishop D. Stephen Lee Bun-sang requested and Coro Dóci Papiaçám di Macau obliged. The interim choral ensemble sang Christmas carols in Macanese Patois outside the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady on Saturday afternoon. Later, the group accompanied the evening mass at Saint Dominic’s Church. The purpose? To convey a message of hope, in times of crisis and rapid change.

Fully awake, fully welcoming. The great Advent discernment

Once the World Cup is over, another one will soon be set in motion. The process of discerning God’s will for us is also an on-going, life-long commitment. “Do not be afraid” the angel told Joseph as it had previously told Mary. Let’s face this commitment without fear. Conscious or unconscious consolations and desolations might come and go. But when taking decisions, let’s be fully awake and fully welcoming, like Joseph, longing for the ultimate prize of doing God’s will: a deep and lasting inner peace.

Conceived in Macau, a guide for young Catholics in Portuguese-speaking countries

“Evangelho Diário para os Jovens” is a book born during trying times in Macau. In an interview with noted economist António Félix Pontes, O Clarim gets an insight into the making of a book that is seen as an important addition to the spiritual education of the younger generation not just in Macau but in lands with Lusophone heritage.

At Taipa parish, drawing contest seeks to teach the young that Jesus’ birth is the true reason for Christmas

The parish of Our Lady of Carmel has organized a drawing contest as a way to teach the younger generations the true meaning of Christmas. Under the motto “We Celebrate the Coming of the Lord with Peace and Love”, children of catechetical age who attend Sunday School in the only Catholic Church in Taipa, are invited to create Christmas-inspired artworks until December 18. The initiative aims to draw the kids’ attention to the fact that the real meaning of Christmas goes far beyond Santa Claus and exchanging gifts.