A Light to the Gentiles

The disciple of Christ does not fear the waves and courageously faces them, even when they are raging. He does not give up hope to save a sister or a brother, even when s/he is in a humanly desperate situation: a slave of drugs and alcohol, unbridled passion, irascible, aggressive and intractable character. In whatever situation he is, he will be saved by the disciple of Christ.

God comes to remain. The Holy Spirit calms our fear of abandonment

After the past Christmas period filled with so many challenges, we are invited to begin the liturgical (and existential) Ordinary Time with the security of God’s faithful love and presence in our life. We are not alone in facing this new year. Fortified by the Holy Spirit, may each one of us become, too, a dependable and loving reference person in the life of those whom the Lord will entrust to our care.

God Who Calls

It is the message of hope and joy that through the Baptist, John, from the very first page of his gospel, wants to announce to the disciples. Despite the apparent overwhelming power of evil in the world, what awaits humanity is the communion of life “with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ.” These things—John says—I write “so that our joy may be complete” (1 Jn 1:3-4).

Nothing remained the same. The life-changing journey of the Magi

Like the Magi, after these tough past years, we might also be puzzled about the meaning of what we went through and also about God’s role in our life. The Christmas message is that God who comes to share our sufferings, while not solving them, transforms them from within through the gift of Himself. It’s a mystery which is not easy to understand or accept.

Fully awake, fully welcoming. The great Advent discernment

Once the World Cup is over, another one will soon be set in motion. The process of discerning God’s will for us is also an on-going, life-long commitment. “Do not be afraid” the angel told Joseph as it had previously told Mary. Let’s face this commitment without fear. Conscious or unconscious consolations and desolations might come and go. But when taking decisions, let’s be fully awake and fully welcoming, like Joseph, longing for the ultimate prize of doing God’s will: a deep and lasting inner peace.