BITE-SIZE THEOLOGY (195): Is it okay to commit venial sin?

Saint Augustine wrote: “While he is in the flesh, man cannot but have at least some light sins. But do not despise these sins which we call ‘light’: if you take them for light when you weigh them, tremble when you count them. A number of light objects makes a great mass; a number of drops fills a river; a number of grains makes a heap. What then is our hope? Above all, confession (In epist. Io. 1, 6).”

Continuing Conversion

Sin is bad company. It is opposed to what we all want in life: happiness, which is made up of love, compassion, peace and joy – and continuing prayer! The greatest thing: God is infinitely merciful and always ready to open the door of forgiveness. Sin is forgiven by the mercy of God through Christ. By acknowledging and confessing our sins with repentance, we are on the way home, on the way – like the Prodigal Son – to the embrace of our Father.