Post Synod: Diocese of Macau commences online broadcasts for Christmas, daily Mass

Marco Carvalho

The last major Advent initiative in the journey towards Christmas is at the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady, aimed at the elderly. Three days before Christmas, the basement of the Catholic Diocese of Macau Notary building will, once again, host a meeting for the elderly, an initiative that seeks to answer some of the concerns that have emerged from the consultation process that was carried out by the Diocese under the guise of the diocesan phase of the Synod of Bishops.

“On December 22nd, we will have a meeting for the elderly once again. It’s a Thursday and the meeting will take place from 3 pm to 5.30 pm at the Diocesan Notary building. It is a meeting that proposes, once again, moments of conviviality, but this time, it will be centered on Christmas. These are some of the specific activities that will be promoted in the Cathedral parish,” parish vicar Fr Daniel Ribeiro told O Clarim.

“Furthermore, there will be an online Christmas novena that will be broadcasted through my YouTube Channel. The purpose of this novena is to prepare the Catholics of our Diocese, mainly the Catholics of the Portuguese-speaking community, to celebrate the mystery of Christmas in a deeper, more fruitful way. The celebration of Christmas is, along with Easter, a central moment in the lives of Catholics, wherever they are,” Father Ribeiro adds.

The conclusions of the diocesan phase of the Synod of Bishops also explains the commitment to a broader communication strategy that is being adopted in the parish of Saint Lazarus. The parish began to broadcast live, for the first time ever in the Advent season, the most important parts of the Eucharist, with the aim of allowing the Catholic community to have a deeper understanding of the Nativity mystery.

“From the very first week of Advent, the parish of Saint Lazarus has been broadcasting part of the daily Mass. And with part of the Mass, I mean the Gospel and the celebrant’s homily,” Father João Lau told O Clarim.

“The purpose is to invite local Catholics to reflect on this first period of the Liturgical Year, taking the Gospel of that day as the starting point. In addition to this daily transmission, we also have the transmission of the Eucharist every Sunday through Radio Voice of Mary, around 9.30 am,” the parish priest of Saint Lazarus adds.