Catholic Diocese of Macau publishes book on St. Roch, patron of invalids

Born to a rich family in southern France, Roch of Montpellier devoted himself to the care of the sick and the Catholic Church immortalized him with the status of protector against infectious diseases, patron saint of the invalids, surgeons and falsely accused people and defender of dogs. In Macau and around the world, devotion to Saint Roch was restored due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To thank the charitable saint for the protection he has extended over the city, the Catholic Diocese of Macau has recently released a book on his life and journey of faith.

USJ’s new leadership role is an opportunity to reposition itself internationally: Vice-Rector Barbosa

The University of Saint Joseph was elected to the Executive Secretariat of the Association of Southeast and East Asian Catholic Colleges and Universities at the most recent General Assembly of ASEACCU, which took place in Phnom Penh from 23rd to 27th August. The local Catholic university was represented at the meeting by Dean Stephen Morgan and by Professor Joseph Álvaro Barbosa. O Clarim spoke with the vice-rector about the challenges ahead.

BITE-SIZE THEOLOGY (191): What are the four principles of the Church’s teaching on society?

In Bite-Size Philosophy, we had taken up the four principles of the Church’s teaching on society: (1) the principle of the dignity of the human person (BSP 54), (2) the principle of the common good (BSP 73), (3) the principle of subsidiarity (BSP 74), and (4) the principle of solidarity (BSP 75). Here’s a brief review.