Global Solidarity: How Catholic Communities from Bangladesh to South Korea are Helping Earthquake Victims and Fighting for Human Rights

Even in the midst of their own struggles with natural disasters, the Catholic communities of Bangladesh continue to extend a helping hand to those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Through prayer, donations, and solidarity campaigns, these communities are repaying the international aid they have received in the past. Meanwhile, in South Korea, Caritas is mobilizing for an emergency fund to support the earthquake victims, and the Catholic bishops are advocating for the abolition of the death penalty.

Caritas combats Covid-19 crisis; over 1700 patients and workers put their lives on hold

A grand total of twelve facilities managed by Caritas are being operated on a strict “closed circuit” preventive management regime. The measure, which affects 1,700 workers and patients, aims to prevent the potential spread of Covid-19 among vulnerable groups. The transition to the closed-loop management plan required sacrifices, both financial and human. Caritas secretary-general Paul Pun claims, nevertheless, that the confinement of nursing homes is a necessary evil.