A year-and-a-half to water the seeds of vocation in the Catholic Diocese of Macau

The mission is burdensome and requires everyone’s commitment. The Catholic Diocese of Macau launched late last month the Diocesan Year of Vocations with the aim of creating a favourable environment for the awakening of priestly and religious vocations. To encourage the involvement of young people in the life of the Church – Brazilian missionaries Daniel Oliveira and Rafael Vigolo claim – is essential to attract new labourers to the vineyard of the Lord.

Listen, engage and dialogue: Synod report feels the pulse of Macau’s Catholic communities

A more open, more inclusive and more dialoguing Church. Chancellor of the Diocese of Macau Father Cyril Law brought forward recently the conclusions of the diocesan phase of the 2021-2023 Synod of Bishops. Among the many recommendations collected by the teams that gauged the pulse of Macau’s Catholic communities, one rises above all else: the perception that a Church that listens is a Church more aware of its limitations. Dialogue and improved communication are seen as critical by local Catholics.