Bridging the Dialogue: O Clarim’s Exhibition Tour kicks off

O Clarim News Bureau (English)

2023 marks the 75th Anniversary of Jornal O Clarim, a Catholic Weekly newspaper in Macau. In order to allow the public to better understand the development history of the media and newspaper industry in Macau, O Clarim will hold “Bridging the Dialogue: O Clarim’s Exhibition Tour”, in continuation of the main exhibition that was held in October and November 2023.

With huge support from Cunha Foundation, O Clarim’s Exhibition Tour first kicks off at Cunha Foundation, starting from March 6 to March 16, then will start travelling to different local schools and venues. The opening ceremony was officiated by the following guests: Bishop

D. Stephen Lee Bun-sang (Catholic Diocese of Macau), Mr Alexandre Leitão (Consul-General of Portugal in Macao and Hong Kong), Dr. Rui José Cunha (President and Founder of Fundação Rui Cunha), Dr. Stephen Morgan (Rector of University of St Joseph), Lok Po (Director, Macao Daily News), João Francisco Pinto (President of Rotary Club of Macau), José Carlos Matias (President of General Assembly of AIPIM) and Fr Eduardo Emilio Agüero (Director of O Clarim Weekly).

Bridging the Dialogue: O Clarim’s Exhibition Tour at Cunha Foundation

Dates: March 6, 2024 – March 16, 2024

Venue: Av. da Praia Grande, Nº 749 -R/C, MACAU


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Via WhatsApp: (853) 6808-9361

Different from the main exhibition, the exhibition tour includes more information on the printing history of Macau, as well as some introductory knowledge on the journalistic profession.

Through touring in different schools and venues, Jornal O Clarim hopes to continue its mission of information and formation, by passing the torch to the public and, most importantly, the next generation.

In addition, O Clarim will hold a series of talks, inviting different speakers and guests to share the printing procedure of the journalistic industry, hoping to allow the public to better understand the spirit and essence of the media industry.

Jornal O Clarim is the oldest Portuguese newspaper in Macau that still operates, and it is the only trilingual newspaper in Macau. Just as the name of the exhibition suggests, O Clarim has been shouldering a mission for the past seventy-five years: to serve as a bridge for dialogue between the church and the faithful, as well as between the church and the society.