Come, Holy Spirit, as soft refreshing rain

In his Sunday Gospel Reflection, Fr. Paolo Consonni compares the Holy Spirit to gentle rain, emphasizing its cleansing and nourishing effects on the soul, similar to how rain revitalizes nature. As we celebrate Pentecost, he highlights that the Holy Spirit’s transformative power works gradually, penetrating deeply into our lives, fostering spiritual growth, and guiding us toward a deeper commitment to truth and intimacy with Christ.

Catholic Copts in Kuwait

The Coptic Catholic community in Kuwait, part of the Apostolic Vicariate of North Arabia, has over 5,000 members and is being led by Father Yassa Ghobrial since August 2022. Despite hardships, these immigrant workers maintain a strong spiritual life, celebrating traditional Coptic rites. Father Domingos Santamaria, a dedicated Goan priest in Kuwait since 1973, is renowned for his extensive pastoral work, having celebrated thousands of sacraments. The community’s faith and traditions persist robustly in a predominantly Muslim country.

The Ascent

Sometimes we identify this small world of ours as the final horizon of our lives. The feast of the ascension invites us to breach the ceiling of our prejudices and belief systems that trap us into a small world. Once we break the ceiling, we are able to see the sky of divine possibilities and of living our life to the fullest.

CHURCH FATHERS (27): A man who combined learning, prayer and beauty

Saint Gregory of Nazianzus, a Church Father of the East, exemplified the harmonious integration of learning, piety, and beauty in service to God. He became known as “The Theologian” for his theological orations defending the Trinitarian faith and addressing heresies. Gregory emphasized the humanity of Christ and affirmed Mary as Theotokos, while also advocating for solidarity and charity in action.

“Little great missionaries, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus”

The European Missionary Childhood Conference (CEME) gathered delegates from 25 European countries in Bucharest to discuss missionary cooperation, inspired by the work of the Pontifical Society for Missionary Childhood. Participants shared experiences, learned about the Society’s activities in Romania, and explored ways to promote missionary activity among children.