Christians in Syria’s Civil War

The recently-appointed Apostolic Vicar of Aleppo for Catholics of the Latin rite, the Syrian Hanna Jallouf, Friar Minor of the Custody of the Holy Land, knows better than anyone the reality of that troubled region.
He was one of the few priests who continued to serve and comfort small Christian communities in the territories of Idlib province, controlled during the war by jihadist militias.

BITE-SIZE THEOLOGY (238): What is the importance of the present moment?

This petition has a specifically Christian sense. The CCCC (593) says: “Since ‘man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God’ (Matthew 4:4), this petition equally applies to hunger for the Word of God and for the Body of Christ received in the Eucharist as well as hunger for the Holy Spirit….”

University of Saint Joseph to launch Master of Catholic Studies

USJ FRSP (University of St Joseph -Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy) will revive its Bachelor of Philosophy program this fall with a greater emphasis on the philosophical and religious dimensions of human life. Later on, in spring, the Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy intends to start recruiting students for a new Master of Catholic Studies degree.


In this month of September, O Clarim brings to you a three-part series on Spirituality by Fr Fausto Gomez OP. In the second part, Fr Gomez writes that
it is easy to fall into the trap of extremism in spirituality. As Catholics, we are called to a balance of detachment from the world and a genuine concern for our society and environment. We cannot serve the Lord if we do not serve His people and are worthy stewards of His creation. In all that we do as we grow spiritually, our sense of justice must be tempered by charity.