O Clarim brings to you a six-part series themed ‘Where is Christ today’ by Fr Fausto Gomez OP. In the concluding piece of this series, Fr Gomez points out that Jesus Christ can be found in the Church, the sacraments, Sacred Scriptures and those in need. He is also present through us, as we witness for Him with authentic love and holding firmly to His guiding hand as we navigate our way to heaven.

A saint who lived in Macau

On September 20th, Saint Anthony’s parish celebrated the liturgical feast of Saint Andrew Kim. Macau and Saint Anthony’s parish, in particular, played a significant role in the formation of the saint as he received his theological education in the region. Saint Andrew Kim is an excellent example for Catholic youth who are expected in Seoul in August 2027 for the 38th World Youth Day, as the Asian continent once again comes under the spotlight of the Catholic world.

Father Tham’s harmonious brush worships God through art

Exhibited in countries such as the United States of America, Canada and Malaysia, the Art for God exhibition will make its Macau debut this coming Friday, September 22nd. Organized by the Macau Catholic Culture Association and co-organized by the Regina Apostolorum Foundation from neighboring Hong Kong, the exhibition will display over 50 calligraphy, brush painting and seal carving artworks created by Father Joseph Tham Kit-chee.