“In times of stress, contemplation can be the answer”

The Macau Ricci Institute (MRI) will promote a new online session of its Contemplation and Leadership workshop on July 19th, at a time when the Special Administrative Region continues battling its worst Covid-19 outbreak. The initiative, Fr. Stephan Rothlin claims, can help the participants to cope more creatively with the consequences of the epidemic breakout.

Practical theology: Ricci Institute to discuss sustainability and business integrity

The Macau Ricci Institute has invited Hong Kong’s practical theologian Christine Lai to explain next Wednesday why integrity and sustainability go hand in hand in terms of good business practices.
Lai is the guest speaker at a digital forum that is the first of two initiatives to advance a better understanding of the values that the recently-instituted Deignan Award for Responsible Entrepreneurship will reward.

Ricci Institute to explore the path to spiritual transformation

The Society of Jesus is celebrating, until July 31st, the 500th anniversary of a personal transformation that changed the history of the Church. The example set by Saint Ignatius of Loyola will inspire, to a large extent, the activities that the Macau Ricci Institute intends to promote throughout the current year. The first activity – an online forum on “spiritual transformation” – takes place next Monday.

Ricci Institute discusses Corporate Social Responsibility in the Greater Bay Area

The future of Macau is increasingly interconnected with the development of the Greater Bay area, but the process of the SAR regional integration is not without risks. Questions such as business ethics in a thriving space – one that promises great opportunities – are seen by the Macau Ricci Institute as something to worry about. The Jesuit think tank is dedicating one of its upcoming events to the issue of disseminating better Corporate Social Responsibility practices in the Greater Bay Area region.