Legacy of Faith and Journalism: O Clarim unveils commemorative stamp

Marking 75 Years of Spiritual Insight and Community Impact

Fr Leonard E Dollentas

This year, O Clarim celebrates its 75th anniversary. Reaching a 75th anniversary is a remarkable achievement for any organization. For O Clarim, it represents a legacy of perseverance, innovation, and success.  It is a time to celebrate the vision, hard work, and dedication that have propelled its contribution to Catholic evangelization in Macau. As a testament to this significant milestone, having a commemorative stamp is a fitting way to honor O Clarim’s rich history and its contributions to the Catholic Church and the people of Macau.

On April 19, 2024, the Macau Post and Telecommunications Bureau held a press conference prior to the official issue of O Clarim’s  commemorative stamp on April 23, 2024. The stamp was designed by Mr. Victor Hugo Marreiros.  Its design serves as a tangible tribute to O Clarim’s legacy, encapsulating its values, achievements, and impact of its small but powerful mission to the people of Macau and the whole Church. The Macau Post and Telecommunications Bureau describes it as: “This issue includes a set of two stamps and one souvenir sheet. The themes of the two stamps are “Newspaper Reading” and “Street Interview”. The souvenir sheet depicts Macau in the past in the background to highlight the 75 years of history of O Clarim. The stamp in the souvenir sheet features an antique printing press and a reader reading the first edition of the newspaper.” Present during the press conference were the officers of Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau, while representing O Clarim were Jasmine Yiu, José Miguel Encarnação, Oswald Pio Vas, and Fr Leonard Dollentas. O Clarim’s present director Fr. Eduardo Emilio Aguero, SCJ, is thankful to the Macau Post and Telecommunications Bureau for allowing the story and mission of O Clarim to be presented and delivered in a unique way.

The commemorative stamp is not merely a decorative item; it is a historical artifact that can be cherished for generations to come. It serves as a tangible piece of O Clarim’s history, preserving its legacy in a small but significant format. The stamp can be collected, displayed, or shared, acting as a conversation starter and a reminder of O Clarim’s accomplishments. It is an inspiration for future generations, showcasing what can be achieved through dedication, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence and Catholic mission.

May this commemorative stamp serve as a remarkable milestone and prayerfully reflect O Clarim’s 75 years of excellence on its spirit of achievement, innovation, and faithfulness to the truth of Christ.