Catholic schools pay tribute to teachers and educators

Marco Carvalho

More than three thousand teachers, school principals and students took part in the 2023 edition of the Association of Catholic Schools’ “Teachers Development Day”. The yearly event pays tribute to educators for their commitment to Catholic-oriented education and commemorates the onset of the new academic year.
More than four dozen teachers were commended in this year’s ceremony, which took place on September 8 at the multi-sports pavilion of the Polytechnic University of Macau. Among the educators that were honored, four were granted recognition for their life-long commitment to education, having taught at Catholic schools for over four decades.
The event was attended by some of the highest-ranked figures; both from the local Catholic hierarchy and the Government. In addition to Bishop Stephen Lee Bun-sang, the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Elsie Ao Ieong U, and the new head of the Education and Youth Development Bureau, Kong Chi Meng, were among the officials that joined the ceremony. In his speech, Mr. Kong recalled that the 26 establishments that are part of the Macau Catholic Schools Association have always shown willingness to cooperate with the local authorities, as well as to improve on the educational policies outlined by the local Government, in line with the strategic vision that China’s Ministry of Education has put forward over the last few years.
The director of the Education and Youth Development Bureau praised the work being conducted by local Catholic schools and colleges. Kong Chi Meng argues that the educational establishments under the direct supervision of the Diocese of Macau, Caritas and a number of religious orders and congregations, play a fundamental role in the upbringing of the new generations.

The Education’s Bureau director told the audience that the Government will continue to work closely with the local schools, so that the interests of the teachers are protected and students can have access to quality education.
The president of the Macau Catholic Schools Association, Father Joseph Chow Pak Fai, recalled that, apart from imparting new skills to the students, the choices that are made on a daily basis by the members of the organization must be capable of instilling values and promoting the integral development of children and teenagers alike. Father Chow thanked the teachers for their effort and commitment in preparing the new generations.
Bishop Stephen Lee urged schools and teachers to remain faithful to the sort of mission that they were entrusted with and to educate the younger generations with a balanced perspective on family and social issues, so that they can give an active contribution to the prosperity and the stability of Macau and the People’s Republic of China.