BITE-SIZE THEOLOGY (215): What is the responsibility of the lay faithful in social and economic matters?

The lay faithful have a responsibility in social and economic matters to work in such a way that the Church’s social teaching can be carried out in specific situations. This involves animating temporal realities with a Christian spirit and collaborating with all as authentic witnesses of the Gospel and agents of peace and justice. Love for the poor, inspired by the Gospel and the example of Jesus, is a particular concern of the Church’s social teaching.

The Mantle of the Aztec and the Eyes of the Virgin: Macau Lecture Sheds Light on Mysteries and Miracles

Earlier this month, a lecture on the most scientifically-proven miracle in the history of the Catholic Church was attended by sixty people. Even after five centuries, the Marian apparitions witnessed by Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin and his uncle, Juan Bernardino, in December 1531, continue to baffle modern science in numerous ways.

The Legacy of Fr Ferdinand Verbiest: Oct 9 Symposium in Beijing to Focus on Science, Innovation, and Dialogue with China

On October 9, the Yale Center in Beijing will host a forum dedicated to Father Ferdinand Verbiest’s life and legacy. Co-organized by the Macau Ricci Institute, the initiative takes place on the exact day when the 400th anniversary of the birth of the influential Flemish Jesuit will be celebrated. Ferdinand Verbiest, Father Stephan Rothlin says, is still a perfect example of a rational and scientific approach to dialogue with China.


In this article, Fr Fausto Gomez, OP, reflects on the nature of the human person and their social responsibility. As a social being, we must respect and love others as human persons. In a Christian perspective, every neighbor is our brother or sister in Christ. Our responsibility is to defend and promote human rights and work for justice and solidarity. Pursuing happiness means becoming a flourishing human being, living with and for others. Doing good leads to happiness, while doing evil leads to unhappiness. Priests and pastors seem to be among the happiest professions, perhaps due to their relationship with God and inner peace.

Russian Catholic Bishops Appeal for Prayer, Dialogue, and Active Love in the Face of Global Crises

The Conference of Catholic Bishops of Russia recently held their 57th Plenary Assembly, discussing various issues including the crises in Ukraine, the Caucasus, Syria, and Turkey, as well as the wounds inflicted on people and society due to separations, divorces, domestic violence, abortions, the misery of the hungry, the homeless, and the indigent. In response, the bishops urged the faithful to meditate on Pope Francis’ Letter for Lent 2023 and emphasized the importance of prayer, dialogue, and active love. They also called for continuous reflection on the pastoral and missionary conversion suggested by the Holy Father.

BITE-SIZE THEOLOGY (214): What should be our attitude towards material creation?

The seventh commandment, which defends the right to private property, requires us to respect the goods of others, practice justice and charity, and be prudent and moderate in the use of resources. It also involves respecting promises, making reparations, and avoiding theft and other forms of wrongdoing. Additionally, we must treat animals with kindness and avoid excessive love or misuse of them. As the Catechism reminds us, private property exists to serve the needs of human beings, and wasting resources is akin to stealing from the poor and hungry.

Global Solidarity: How Catholic Communities from Bangladesh to South Korea are Helping Earthquake Victims and Fighting for Human Rights

Even in the midst of their own struggles with natural disasters, the Catholic communities of Bangladesh continue to extend a helping hand to those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Through prayer, donations, and solidarity campaigns, these communities are repaying the international aid they have received in the past. Meanwhile, in South Korea, Caritas is mobilizing for an emergency fund to support the earthquake victims, and the Catholic bishops are advocating for the abolition of the death penalty.