Ratzinger, the brilliant theologian who shaped the future of the faith

Shy, reserved, but truly erudite. Joseph Ratzinger – the first German pope in almost 500 years – goes down in history as a highly regarded theologian and one of the most influential pontiffs of the last few centuries, say priests and faithful whom O Clarim spoke to. Long before he was elected to the Chair of Peter, Cardinal Ratzinger paid a brief visit to Macau in March 1993. The then head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith urged the bishops of Asia to regard the mission of the Asian Church more in terms of “inter-culturality” instead of “inculturation”.

Nothing remained the same. The life-changing journey of the Magi

Like the Magi, after these tough past years, we might also be puzzled about the meaning of what we went through and also about God’s role in our life. The Christmas message is that God who comes to share our sufferings, while not solving them, transforms them from within through the gift of Himself. It’s a mystery which is not easy to understand or accept.

Get set! Catholic Diocese of Macau to select 50 youngsters for World Youth Day in Portugal

The Catholic Diocese of Macau is preparing to send at least 50 youngsters to Portugal to take part in the 2023 edition of the World Youth Day. The easing of the pandemic-related restrictions decreed by the local authorities, earlier this month, eliminates the requirement of a mandatory quarantine in a designated hotel – one of the aspects that worried the Diocesan curia the most.

Job losses in pandemic: Catholics, Buddhists team up to offer a ‘Mother’s Meal’ to Macau’s most affected

It’s not a one-of-a-kind initiative, but it’s always a good example of a commendable cooperation. The Claretian community of Macau and a Buddhist meditation centre based in Saint Lawrence parish joined forces and organized a food distribution drive in December. The action benefited around 100 non-resident workers that were temporarily laid off by their employers.