Youngsters learn devotion to Sacred Heart of Jesus through drawing contest

Marco Carvalho

A grand total of 24 children, aged 5 to 15, took part in the drawing competition that was launched by the pastoral care of the Portuguese-speaking community at the cathedral parish. Announced in June, the Sacred Heart of Jesus-inspired challenge was aimed exclusively at the children and youth who attend Sunday school at the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady, and among the rules established by the organizers was the obligation to submit an “A4” size original work, completed without any assistance from any third party.

All in all, the Lusophone pastoral care team of the cathedral parish collected 24 drawings, produced by children belonging to different age groups. The winners of each of the three categories were announced on Sunday after the children’s Mass at St. Joseph’s Diocesan School. “The results were announced on Sunday. The competition attracted the participation of 24 children, aged five to 15 years old. The top three drawings in each group were considered the winners. We had a group comprising children aged six, seven and eight. We had a second group for children aged nine, 10 and 11 and, finally, a third category for those youngsters aged 12 to 14 years old,” Father Daniel Ribeiro, parish vicar of the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady and one of the main organizers of the event, told O Clarim.

The competition aimed to familiarize the younger generations with the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and what the Church considers to be the love and compassion that Christ has always shown towards Humanity. Happy with the success and the outcome of the contest, Father Ribeiro says that the initiative is to be repeated, inspired by a different theme or devotion. “This year the competition was inspired by the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The drawings were about the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and having in mind the outcome of the contest, the initiative is, without a doubt, to be repeated. The contest will take place once again, certainly under a different theme. All in all, 24 children submitted their drawings. They were offered a certificate of participation and also a souvenir, a prize that awards their participation. The award ceremony took place at the children’s Mass on Sunday. Or rather, after the children’s Mass, which took place at St. Joseph’s Diocesan School,” the Dehonian missionary concludes.