15 children to receive First Holy Communion at Cathedral on Sept 25

Marco Carvalho

The First Holy Communion ceremony of 15 children, which was postponed just a few hours before it began on the 19th of June, will be preceded by a preparatory day to be held on Saturday, the 24th of September.

The pastoral care team in charge of the Portuguese-speaking community that attends the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady aimed to organize the First Holy Communion ceremony “as early as possible,” Father Daniel Ribeiro told O Clarim at the time.

The maintenance of strict control measures for about two months and the fact that some of the children went abroad for vacation hindered the diocese’s plans and led the Cathedral parish to postpone the ceremony.

The First Holy Communion celebration will precede the beginning of a new catechetical year. Registration for catechesis at the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady is now open, and all interested parties should go to the Cathedral’s Notary to proceed with the registration formalities.

Last year, the children, catechumens and catechists enrolled in the catechetical activities of the Cathedral parish numbered about one hundred people. The number should be slightly lower in the catechetical year that now begins, given the large number of Portuguese-speaking families that have permanently left Macau. In June, Father Daniel Ribeiro acknowledged that the exodus should hinder the dynamics of the Portuguese-language catechesis classes in the Cathedral parish. “I would say that the number of enrolled children will most certainly decrease, probably by 15 percent or so,” the parish vicar of the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady told O Clarim.

Regarding the Chinese-language catechesis classes, the beginning of the new year will also take place on September 25th, the exact same day on which the Portuguese Catholic community celebrates the First Holy Communion ceremony and kicks off the new catechetical year.

In a post published on Facebook, the pastoral care team in charge of the Chinese-language Catholic community at the Cathedral parish emphasized the inclusive nature of the catechesis group they want to form, stressing that residents with intellectual disabilities are also welcome. Interested parties can visit the Cathedral’s Notary on Sundays, between 10 and 12 am.