Mong Ha

Parish of Saint Francis Xavier (Mong Ha) organizes Historic Exhibition in January 2022

In order to carry on the vision of their founder, Magdalene of Canossa, and to light the fire of the missionary love more than a hundred years ago, Canossian Sisters came to the village of Mong-Há in Macau. In addition to building a dedicated community, they responded to the needs of the society at the time by establishing hospitals, homes for the elderly, libraries, and schools, to care for the poor, sick and abandoned babies, and support numerous families. The Sisters established the presence of the Lord in the community and set up a place for people to get to know the Lord of mercy. Later, the Diocese sent Diocesan priests to develop pastoral work in the same place and gradually forming the parish of St Francis Xavier’s Church. Today, the faithful have inherited the fruits and hard work of their predecessors and the blessings of the Lord and continue to spread the good news of the Kingdom in the community.