‘Fátima seers’ relics in Macau will draw Catholic pilgrims from mainland China’

First, it was the Church of Our Lady of Fátima, then the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady. The Bishop of Macau, D. Stephen Lee Bun-sang, presided over the installation ceremony of a set of relics of Saint Jacinta and Saint Francisco Marto on October 13th. The sacred objects – fragments of the coffins in which the seers of Fátima were buried – were brought to Macau by Carlos Anok Cabral. A member of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Fátima, Mr. Cabral visited Cova da Iria with the purpose of collecting a set of relics, returning to Macau with the same. A renowned Macanese chef, Carlos Cabral spoke with O Clarim about the way the process unfolded.

Holy Shepherds of Fatima celebrated this Sunday

“Francisco and Jacinta are stimulated to put themselves at the service of this light [the light of God that radiated from Our Lady] that they put in their gaze, but which they want to transmit. A light of hope, a light of trust, and they offer themselves in prayer, offering their lives as a gift. And Lúcia, this seer who remains with us until she is 97 and whose name contains this light, becomes a witness to a hope, a witness to a promise”