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Laudato si: An Appeal to “Ecological Conversion”

June 17, 2022

Separated from the rest of creation, we, as humans, would cease to exist. Our spiritual and existential protection and revival can be confirmed only through us acknowledging that our bond with the environment must mirror the bond of the three Persons in one God.

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“After serving communities in the Amazon rainforest, Macau was like a new beginning”: Fr Rafael Vigolo

June 16, 2022

Born in Brazil, Rafael Gemelli Vigolo graduated in mechanical engineering before he decided to follow God’s call. A former missionary in Peru and in the far reaches of the Brazilian Amazon, the Comboni priest arrived in Macau two and a half years ago, shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic forced the Special Administrative Region to isolate itself from the rest of the world. Currently the Vicar of Saint Francis Xavier parish in Mong Ha, Father Vigolo found in Macau a way of living and celebrating the Catholic faith, which is very different from what he was used to in Latin America. The Brazilian missionary found himself surrounded with a vibrant community but also with very specific issues. One of the most challenging, he emphasizes, is the spiritual accompaniment of the younger generations after the end of their catechetical formation. Father Rafael Vigolo spoke with O Clarim….


A convergence of art and nature at Cardinal Newman Center

June 15, 2022

The Macau Cardinal Newman Center of Cultural and Performing Arts will promote this coming July, for the second year in a row, the project “City and Trees, Scenery and People.” The initiative aims to cultivate the younger generation’s interest in nature and concern for environmental protection.

Faith & Life

The imminence of death

June 14, 2022

It would greatly benefit our spiritual lives and our final end if we were not to shy away from the reality of death. Facing our own imminent death is certain motivation toward preparedness to face God at our judgement.

Faith & Life

Losing oneself in the transcendent love of the Trinity

June 11, 2022

The mystery of the Trinity is a profound one, immensely difficult to grasp by way of intelligence alone. In fact, one must cast aside human intellect to transcend the realm of pure human reasoning, to form an emotional bond with the Trinity and submerge oneself unequivocally in that sublime love of the Godhead.