“I’m just another humble servant”

Paul Pun Chi Meng was earlier this month awarded the Medal of Merit in Philanthropy by the Government of Macau, an award that the Secretary-General of Caritas dedicated to Father Luís Ruíz and Mother Maria Góis, the pioneers of modern social work in Macau. Paul Pun spoke to O Clarim about the challenges Caritas has faced over the last few weeks, but claims the difficulties are already part of the past.

University of Saint Joseph hosts first-ever Filipino community gathering

Food, traditional games and a stronger sense of community. The chaplaincy of the University of Saint Joseph wants to encourage a deeper connection between students and staff of Macau’s Catholic university and recently organized the first Filipino community gathering. The event brought together about twenty students, teachers and employees of the institution and it also gave an important contribution to bridge the community to the Chaplaincy.

Escola Madalena de Canossa wins inaugural edition of Admirabile Signum Nativity Scene Contest

The inaugural edition of the Admirabile Signum Nativity Scene Contest, organized in December by the Macau Catholic Culture Association, was contested by 16 Catholic schools. Magdalene of Canossa School was awarded the jury’s prize and was crowned champion overall, while the Salesian Institute’s manger won the ‘Internet Popularity Award’ polling one third of the votes.

Jewish scholar with connections to Macau wins Ratzinger Prize

Handed out in early December at the Vatican, the 2002 edition of the Ratzinger Prize was awarded to Joseph Halevi Weiler, an academic with a deep connection to Macau. Founder and co-director of the Academy of International Trade Law of the Institute of European Studies, the Jewish scholar was distinguished by the Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation for his contribution to the harmonization of faith and legal reasoning in the contemporary world.

A Light to the Gentiles

The disciple of Christ does not fear the waves and courageously faces them, even when they are raging. He does not give up hope to save a sister or a brother, even when s/he is in a humanly desperate situation: a slave of drugs and alcohol, unbridled passion, irascible, aggressive and intractable character. In whatever situation he is, he will be saved by the disciple of Christ.

Pope Benedict said that Christianity is not an ideology or a philosophy, but rather a relationship to a person, to the living Jesus Christ

At the Second Vatican Council itself, Pope Benedict XVI proved adversarial to those conservative forces who were resisting the renewal which the majority of bishops favored. One of the ironies of his life is that, in the wake of Vatican II, he found himself standing athwart progressives who wanted to push beyond the council documents and compromise the integrity of Catholicism. Thus, the “liberal” of the Council became the “conservative” of the post-conciliar years, even as, in his own judgment, his views never changed.