Doing Business With A Conscience: Inaugural Deignan Award Honours Macau and Hong Kong Companies for Responsible Entrepreneurship

On March 25, the first-ever Deignan Award for Responsible Entrepreneurship was presented in Hong Kong, recognizing three companies from Macau and three from Hong Kong. Among the Macau-based awardees was C&C, a law firm that received the Deignan Silver Award for its commitment to environmental, social, and responsible management practices. The Deignan Award was established by the Macau Ricci Institute and the WooFoo Foundation to acknowledge small and medium-sized enterprises that have gone above and beyond in adopting responsible business practices guided by values such as sustainability and social justice.

Unwavering Devotion: Pilgrim Relics of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus Returns on Fifth Visit to the Philippines

The Pilgrim Relics of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus have arrived in the Philippines for their fifth visit, bringing with them a renewed sense of faith and inspiration. O Clarim’s photo feature captures the solemnity and reverence of this spiritual pilgrimage, as thousands of devotees offer prayers and seek the intercession of the beloved saint known as the ‘Little Flower.’

From Eclipsing Galileo’s Work to Spaceships and Exoplanets: The Vatican’s Evolving Relationship with Astronomy

Vatican astronomers have announced exoplanet discoveries and plans to launch a space mission. Surprised? The Church’s history with astronomy ranges from its contributions to scientific discoveries to its infamous trial of Galileo. Today, the Church is actively investing in astronomical observatories and space research as part of its ongoing efforts to reconcile with its past and support scientific exploration.

The Mantle of the Aztec and the Eyes of the Virgin: Macau Lecture Sheds Light on Mysteries and Miracles

Earlier this month, a lecture on the most scientifically-proven miracle in the history of the Catholic Church was attended by sixty people. Even after five centuries, the Marian apparitions witnessed by Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin and his uncle, Juan Bernardino, in December 1531, continue to baffle modern science in numerous ways.

The Legacy of Fr Ferdinand Verbiest: Oct 9 Symposium in Beijing to Focus on Science, Innovation, and Dialogue with China

On October 9, the Yale Center in Beijing will host a forum dedicated to Father Ferdinand Verbiest’s life and legacy. Co-organized by the Macau Ricci Institute, the initiative takes place on the exact day when the 400th anniversary of the birth of the influential Flemish Jesuit will be celebrated. Ferdinand Verbiest, Father Stephan Rothlin says, is still a perfect example of a rational and scientific approach to dialogue with China.

Global Solidarity: How Catholic Communities from Bangladesh to South Korea are Helping Earthquake Victims and Fighting for Human Rights

Even in the midst of their own struggles with natural disasters, the Catholic communities of Bangladesh continue to extend a helping hand to those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Through prayer, donations, and solidarity campaigns, these communities are repaying the international aid they have received in the past. Meanwhile, in South Korea, Caritas is mobilizing for an emergency fund to support the earthquake victims, and the Catholic bishops are advocating for the abolition of the death penalty.

Formation at every level should be strengthened: Fr Cyril Law

In an interview with O Clarim, Fr Cyril Jerome Law, Chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Macau, speaks about his participation in the Asian Continental Assembly on Synodality. He highlights the multilingual and multi-cultural dimension of the local Church in Macau and the need for effective communication. Fr Cyril further believes that Catholics in Macau can contribute to the synodal process by engaging in spiritual conversation and promoting the Church’s teachings through pastoral outreach.