A year-and-a-half to water the seeds of vocation in the Catholic Diocese of Macau

The mission is burdensome and requires everyone’s commitment. The Catholic Diocese of Macau launched late last month the Diocesan Year of Vocations with the aim of creating a favourable environment for the awakening of priestly and religious vocations. To encourage the involvement of young people in the life of the Church – Brazilian missionaries Daniel Oliveira and Rafael Vigolo claim – is essential to attract new labourers to the vineyard of the Lord.

‘We hope to continue to bring people to God, the source of all beauty’

Vox Antiqua, the acclaimed Hong Kong-based choir, returns to Macau on May 1 to celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph with a special choral programme at two of the city’s most beautiful churches. Led by Andrew Leung, Vox Antiqua will perform William Byrd’s Mass for Four Voices, Gregorian chants, traditional hymns, and works by composers from around the world.