International Day of Human Fraternity: Religious Intolerance, Abductions, Forced Conversions of Christian Minors Still Prevalent in Indian Subcontinent

The Declaration on Human Fraternity is an important annual event that celebrates the signing of the declaration by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar. Even as religious extremism increases in some regions of the Indian subcontinent, we reflect on the importance of respecting individual freedom of choice and consent in matters of belief, in order to foster a culture of goodness, peace, and fraternity.

Prayers for peace: Macau’s Catholic schools answer Pope Francis’ call to pray the Rosary

Pope Francis asked, and Macau responded enthusiastically. Hundreds of children from local Catholic schools prayed the Rosary on October 18th as part of a global campaign of prayer for peace and unity promoted by the international foundation, Aid to the Church in Need. The local Portuguese-speaking Catholic community joined the “One Million Children Praying the Rosary” campaign for the second year in a row.

Pope Francis ends ‘penitential pilgrimage’ to Canada with message of healing, reconciliation and hope

During his six-day trip to Canada, the Holy Father apologized for the “evil” of church personnel who worked on Canada’s infamous residential schools and the “catastrophic” effect the school system had on indigenous families. The Supreme Pontiff asked the indigenous community to restore its relationship with Catholicism, but without negating the past.