There is place in Macau for everyone in the world: Sister Maria Lúcia Fonseca

Nine years were time enough to put together a choir and write songs based on Holy Scriptures, and more importantly – to breathe new life into the catechesis of Our Lady of Carmel parish and help reawaken the Lusophone Catholic community of Taipa Island. Almost a decade after she first came to Macau, Sister Maria Lúcia Fonseca returned permanently to Portugal due to ongoing health issues. Before her farewell to Macau, O Clarim spoke with the Franciscan Missionary about the beauty of faith and the challenges she encountered in Macau.

“In times of stress, contemplation can be the answer”

The Macau Ricci Institute (MRI) will promote a new online session of its Contemplation and Leadership workshop on July 19th, at a time when the Special Administrative Region continues battling its worst Covid-19 outbreak. The initiative, Fr. Stephan Rothlin claims, can help the participants to cope more creatively with the consequences of the epidemic breakout.