Russian Catholic Bishops Appeal for Prayer, Dialogue, and Active Love in the Face of Global Crises

The Conference of Catholic Bishops of Russia recently held their 57th Plenary Assembly, discussing various issues including the crises in Ukraine, the Caucasus, Syria, and Turkey, as well as the wounds inflicted on people and society due to separations, divorces, domestic violence, abortions, the misery of the hungry, the homeless, and the indigent. In response, the bishops urged the faithful to meditate on Pope Francis’ Letter for Lent 2023 and emphasized the importance of prayer, dialogue, and active love. They also called for continuous reflection on the pastoral and missionary conversion suggested by the Holy Father.

BITE-SIZE THEOLOGY (214): What should be our attitude towards material creation?

The seventh commandment, which defends the right to private property, requires us to respect the goods of others, practice justice and charity, and be prudent and moderate in the use of resources. It also involves respecting promises, making reparations, and avoiding theft and other forms of wrongdoing. Additionally, we must treat animals with kindness and avoid excessive love or misuse of them. As the Catechism reminds us, private property exists to serve the needs of human beings, and wasting resources is akin to stealing from the poor and hungry.

Formation at every level should be strengthened: Fr Cyril Law

In an interview with O Clarim, Fr Cyril Jerome Law, Chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Macau, speaks about his participation in the Asian Continental Assembly on Synodality. He highlights the multilingual and multi-cultural dimension of the local Church in Macau and the need for effective communication. Fr Cyril further believes that Catholics in Macau can contribute to the synodal process by engaging in spiritual conversation and promoting the Church’s teachings through pastoral outreach.


The reflection by Fausto Gomez, OP, explores his identity as a creature, human, Christian, and God’s adopted son. He emphasizes his responsibility to care for God’s creation and acknowledges the purpose of life as finding happiness through love. Fr Gomez also highlights the Christian view of the human person, where greatness comes from openness to God and others, and destruction comes from selfishness.

The Walk To Priesthood: A Mystical Encounter with Bom Jesus

Fr Timothy Wan Kwok Kwong shares his encounter with Bom Jesus dos Passos and how it led him to consider his journey to the priesthood. He explains how the event inspired him to offer himself to Jesus and consider his vocation. Fr Tim talks about his experience with the procession and how Jesus called him, leading to a series of events that ultimately led him to enter the seminary.

BITE-SIZE THEOLOGY (213): When does one sin against chastity?

The sixth commandment, “You shall not commit adultery,” is comprehensive and encompasses all sins against chastity, according to the Tradition of the Church. These sins include adultery, masturbation, fornication, pornography, prostitution, rape, and homosexual acts. Offenses against chastity also include the use of artificial means to control birth, such as direct sterilization or contraception, and artificial insemination and fertilization.