A missionary life always on the move

In December 2019, the Lao government reversed the situation by passing a law that guarantees the rights of Christians to practice their faith without being disturbed, after decades of persecution. However, this law has been little publicized and is practically not applied in the interior of the country where Christians continue to face discrimination from some provincial officials.

A new breath of life for a centuries-old devotion

Created 130 years ago, the Brotherhood of Saint Anthony ushered in a new era by updating its statutes. The improved regulations bring up to date the set up of the fellowship, breathing a new life into the mission of organizing worship and devotion to Saint Anthony. The major change introduced by the amendment concerns the statutory rectification of a practice that became commonplace over the years, that of allowing sisters into the Brotherhood.

The Image of God Engraved on You

If the coin had to be “returned” to Caesar because on it was stamped the face of his master, the human person must be “returned” to God. The human person is the only creature on whom the face of God is imprinted. They are sacred and no one can take them as their own. Those who make them their own (enslave, oppress, exploit, dominate, use them as objects…) should immediately return them to their Lord.