Behind Every Byline: José Miguel Encarnação and How He Shapes the O Clarim Portuguese Edition

Authors’ Note: O Clarim celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. On this occasion, it published in the month of May an extraordinary issue in which it echoed this important event. In this issue, we publish the recognition of O Clarim staff who worked diligently and continue to touch and promote the evangelical missions of O Clarim as Macau’s window to the world. – Fr Leonard E Dollentas

In the 75-years journey of O Clarim as a Catholic publication, its staff have made a significant impact on their respective contributions to the gradual development of O Clarim. One such dedicated staff member is José Miguel Encarnação, the innovative and forward-thinking editor of the O Clarim Portuguese edition, who has transformed the publication into a modern, engaging, and relevant platform for Portuguese-speaking readers in Macau and around the world.

Encarnação, is one of the founding members of Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) and has been serving in the association’s governing bodies since 2007. He was recently given the thrust to be the new president of the board of directors of AIPIM.

Encarnação has been with O Clarim for so many years and has worked tirelessly to revamp the publication and usher it into the digital age. He has contributed a tremendous deal for O Clarim to advocate and maintain its momentum from a traditional print publication to a cutting-edge multimedia platform that engages readers through a variety of channels. Thanks to his efforts, O Clarim’s Portuguese edition now boasts of a robust website, a thriving social media presence, and a popular email newsletter.

But Encarnação’s innovation doesn’t stop at digital media. He has also worked to make the O Clarim Portuguese edition a more visually-appealing publication, with striking graphics and engaging photographs. He has also introduced new sections and features that appeal to a younger generation of Portuguese-speaking Catholics, including articles on Portuguese culture, spirituality, and environmental care awareness.

Perhaps most importantly, Encarnação has worked hard to ensure that O Clarim remains a relevant publication for Catholics in the 21st century. He has done this by tackling tough topics, including issues that deals with China-Vatican relationships, faith situations in other Portuguese-speaking countries and by featuring diverse voices from across the Catholic spectrum.

As his colleague in the publication mission of the Church, I can attest that Encarnação is an innovative man who loves everything that is Portuguese. He loves the Portuguese language and has transformed the O Clarim Portuguese edition into a modern, engaging, and relevant platform for Catholics around the world. His commitment to digital media, visual appeal, and relevant content has made O Clarim a leader in the Catholic publishing world. Thanks to Encarnação, my highly-esteemed colleague, O Clarim is positioned for continued success in the years to come.