Bishop Lee to meet lectors at Word of God celebration

“To ignore the Word of God is to ignore Christ,” Father Eduardo Aguero declared, using the words of St Jerome. The Argentinian priest, who tends to the Portuguese-speaking flock that attends Sunday Mass at the parish of Our Lady of Carmel, created a Bible study group and provides the lectors in Taipa with workshops on the Holy Scriptures every month. This year, the Sunday of the Word of God will be celebrated on the 23rd of January. D. Stephen Lee Bun-sang will meet with local lectors at the Bishop’s Palace. 

Re-creating the journey of faith

“They worshiped. Let us never forget this: the journey of faith finds renewed strength and fulfilment only when it is made in the presence of God.  Only if we recover our ‘taste’ for adoration will our desire be rekindled. Desire leads us to adoration and adoration renews our desire. For our desire for God can only grow when we place ourselves in his presence.”