Newman Center holds awarding ceremony for Nativity scene contest

The awarding ceremony of “Celebrating Families – Inter-School Nativity Decoration Contest 2021” was organized by Centro De Cultura e Artes Performativas Cardeal Newman De Macau and Macao Diocesan of Performance Arts and Culture Association on 15th January Saturday in CCCN. The supervisor Ms. Agnes Wong  thanked the teachers, students, and parents of the participating schools for their cooperation and support in creating unique manger designs giving people the chance to appreciate and commemorate the event of Christ’s birth.

The “Celebrating Families – Inter-School Nativity Decoration Contest 2021” has been continuously organized for 4 years and this year 11 Catholic schools participated in the contest. The theme of this year’s contest is “Amoris Laetitia Family”, which aims to foster relationship between families and young people and let more people know the spirit of mutual love and care of the Holy Family through the Christmas manger.

One of the award-winning students said, “It was a pleasure to gain the experience of visual art production from the contest, especially when I have to collect materials from nature and the waste materials and transform them into materials. It is also a response to Pope Francis’s Encyclical Laudato Si, that encourages us to cherish and care for the natural environment.”

For some parents, it was the first time to make the manger with their children. They were excited to have their children participate in the contest and to know that the family was the key element.

The first prize went to the Escola de Santa Maria Mazzarello (Kindergarten), the second prize to the Escola Dom Luís Versiglia and the third prize to the Escola de Santa Madalena. The “Environmentally Friendly Award” went to the Escola da Sagrada Família. The “Theme Award” went to the Escola de Santa Maria Mazzarello (Kindergarten), and the “Internet Popularity Award” went to the Escola Santa Maria Mazzarello (Kindergarten), followed by the Escola de Santa Madalena and Escola da Sagrada Família.